Sunday, April 29, 2007

No. 70: Andrew Smith

Andrew Smith, half-Pinoy and half-Aussie, is this year's grand prize winner in the male division of Mossimo Bikini Summit: Take It Underground.


Alex said...

wer's d other mossimo guys!!! he's not even d best luking4sure. john lopez & my new hunk al galang. CHk dis new post:

Alex said...

better diz ones:

I should get commision!

Luis said...

ive seen andy out at fort with this new singer Guji Lorenzana. Guji is hott also... lookin for more pics of him... anyone have some? Guji i think will be the next big thing.. jus about to break it i think... seen him in a few commercials.. looks really close friends to andy... hmmm

Anonymous said...

excuse me, he is a mile better than al, the face the body the appeal the bulge, he is even a lightyear better than anybody else.

bhertz said...

i use ure picture as my primary photo in my frienster idol

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