Thursday, June 28, 2007

No. 44: Borgy Manotoc

Borgy Manotoc was born on April 9, 1983, in Honolulu. He is the grandson of the late Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos and son of re-elected Ilocos Norte representative Imee Marcos. His father, sportsman Tommy Manotoc, gave him the moniker Borgy, after the tennis icon Bjorn Borg. Manotoc has vague recollections of his childhood.
Borgy is a model/actor in the Philippines. To legions of Filipino consumers, the memory of advertising image of Manotoc’s lean, muscular frame and six-pack abs, encased only in a pair of Bench jeans still lingers.


Anonymous said...

ok sana basag ulo lang attitude nya!!

Anonymous said...

manuntok ka n lng kc wala kang k magmodel o maging ano man

yam said...

borgy is great because he got good pinoy looks and intelligent roots!!! keep it up man!!!

Anonymous said...

With millions of dollars (ill-gotten, that is) that is not in his hands yet, this kid is going wild like hell.

The truth is, he's running a drug syndicate that sells cocaine, ecstasy and other high end drugs to the richest kids in Alabang, Paranaque and Makati. He's even on PDEA's list (as well as Lucky Manzano, but that's another story).

The Marcoses are not giving him his lolo's "mana" because they know this kid will just spend it like there's no tomorrow. Based on legal documents, the former strongman apparently left $800 million for Borgy alone, being his favorite grandchild. It's deposited in a bank not in Switzerland but in Liechtenstein (a small rich island in Europe) $800M is around 38.4 billion pesos at today's current rate. That can easily put him in the list of the country's richest. But the money can only be released at Imee's disposal.

What else can he do? To sustain his "party all the way" lifestyle, he sells drugs and even... uhum... sells himself.

Discreetly, this well-endowed fresh guy markets himself among the richest gays in the Philippines. Unfortunately, he doesn't get much clients because of fear. If the Marcoses get to know that they are having sex with the best looking guy in their clan, they would surely be in trouble. The only client brave enough to get his services was Kiko Pangilinan (Yes dear readers, the senator cum megastar husband is a bisexual.) Borgy who used to date KC Concepcion was always hanging around at the megastar's Wack-wack mansion where daddy Kiko spotted his prey. For a quick 1 night stand, the kid got a whopping 5 million pesos (that's where the senator's pork barrel goes! - thanks to the Filipino taxpayers)

So what other businesses does Borgy do? He flies to the US every now and then just to flirt with the richest gays in Hollywood. Unfortunately, he doesn't get much clients either in the US not becuase they afraid of the powerful Marcoses but because Borgy just looks so ordinary to them. The richest customers only get superstars, and Borgy is definitely not, whether in the US or here in the Phils.

One time, broke and penniless in New York, he fell asleep in a hotel's lobby. A gay businessman billeted at that hotel invited him over to his room. What happened there is everybody's guess. But one thing for sure, he went out of that room with only $100 in his hand. Bargain na ito.

Ganyan talaga. What comes around goes around. Still, the law of karma exists and it goes beyond the sinner's own generation.

Poor Borgy...

lea said...

nu ba yan borgy!behave ka nalang sayang beauty mo...

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