Tuesday, July 3, 2007

No. 37: Allen Dizon

Art imitates life, well, almost, for Allen Dizon. The guy who refused to
let fate control him is playing a character similar to what he is in real life.
As Alfred, the retired macho dancer, who rises above dire circumstances in the
controversial film Twilight Dancers.

As the abusive husband who repents and turns over a new leaf, Allen turns
out to be the only sympathetic character in the movie.

"Alfred fights his weaknesses and refuses to be cowed by fate. He returns
to the wife he abandoned (Ana Capri) after realizing how important his family
is," adds Allen.

No one knows how important family is more than Allen. After his father died in an unsolved murder case, he helped his mom Rebecca fend for him and his four siblings by, among others, taking on sexy roles in the movies. Today, a string of thriving businesses after, Allen can't count his blessings enough.

"God and fate have been very good to me. I'm thankful I'm still very active, with good projects that keep on coming," he beams.

Allen has a regular afternoon soap opera, Pinakamamahal, on GMA 7, directed by Bibeth Orteza. Like a pair of old shoes, Allen has grown comfortable in mean roles, never mind if moviegoers or televiewers end up hating him for it. Allen again plays an abusive husband, this time to blind Jennifer Sevilla, in the soap. He is also the stepfather of Pauleen Luna. Not only that. He's out to take revenge on the family of Gary Estrada, Oyo Boy Sotto's foster father.

What dark thoughts cross his mind whenever he plays those villain roles that have become second skin to him?

"I think of those who put me down," he replies. But there's no bitterness in his voice.
And why not? Unlike before, Allen no longer has to grab just any role that comes to him just to earn his keep.

"It was pure bread trip for me then," he admits.
But now that he has his own Top of the Line Auto Sales and Insurance Agency in Plaridel, Bulacan, Allen can afford to be selective with his roles. He even turned down an offer to do Reyna because "the role was small."

Allen doesn't talk the same way when it comes to Twilight Dancers, where he gets to hone his acting chops.

True, Allen shows some skin when he strips down to his briefs as a macho dancer, who at 28, is past his prime. But he no longer figures in a single love scene. Instead, he gets the golden chance to display his acting wares in scenes where he abuses his deaf-mute wife and repents for his mistakes.

This way, he hopes to erase that sexy image he has acquired all these years and trade them for something more meaty, more in-depth.

"I'm giving myself up to next year where sexy roles are concerned," Allen reveals his deadline.
True, he keeps his body fit and trim through diet and thrice-a-week sessions at the gym. But Allen doesn't plan to flaunt those to-die-for abs on screen for years to come. It's about time he moves on and leaves the job to the younger ones like Tyron Perez, who plays the title role in Twilight Dancers.

After all, Allen Dizon has paid his dues. And it's about time he enjoys the fruits of his labor.


Anonymous said...

Sana ikaw na lang naging tatay ko Allen para lagi kitang ma-sex

Anonymous said...

Ang laki ng dede mo allen ang laki ng nipples mo , ang laki katawan mo ang laki ng titi mo nung nag sex tayo grabe sarap na sarap ako nun eh sana maulit yon yung halik mo sa kin yung pagpasok ng titi mo bibig ko ang sarap mo talaga Allen !

Anonymous said...

Allen putang-ina tite mo pa lang ulam na... aw ang laki at ang taba sarap niyan sure sa pwet...pali2gayahin kta tara

Anonymous said...

Allen is so masculine...he is someone whom to be imagined and illusioned

Anonymous said...

Allen pls. take off all your clothes!!!!

Anonymous said...

putangina ang sarap mo allen. chupaan naman tayo o! tapos lampungan habang nagpapagulong gulong. ipasok mo yung tite mo sa pwet ko. kahit saan mo gusto. sa kotse, sa cr, sa gubat, bundok, sa bahay niyo, sa banyo. kahit saan. talsikan tayo ng tamod.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Allen nakita ko yung penis mo sa walang kawala ang laki ata ang taba sarap i chupa gusto kitang i dog style sa kama i love you papa allen!

neljoe said...

b good guy!!!!
good luck!!!!
tc olwayz
b honest
b hunk!!!! ever!

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